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March 25, 2023


The older definition of pornography than what people are these days applying to books, classes, and to more was more precise in that it specifically stated that pornography was for arousal.

In the Psalms there are certainly passages which might fit that more precise definition. Passages from or about Ezekiel or Lot would not satisfy that definition, i think, including the ones where Lot and his daughters engage in incest. The tone is different.

That is so true of many non-Bible lessons and books being banned now, too. Many are just plain biology. Some are cautionary tales.

Books are not alone. Just recently, the principal of a charter school created to be based around classical arts was forced to resign by three parents because Michelangelo’s David was part of the lessons for sixth graders.

Are we returning to a time when statues will be dressed, and including arousal in pornography definitions will be forgotten by the wayside? If so, at least be fair with the application of the standards and ban the Bible from schools, too. If not, then return education to more logical approaches than extremists favor and have imposed.

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