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February 01, 2020


They already are. Enough states have passed the ERA for it to become an Amendment added to the Constitution but Barr is blocking it. He says that the deadline created in the 70s is a valid reason to deny equal rights to over half the U.S. citizenry.

Of course, the last amendment that made it through, in the 1990s took OVER TWO HUNDRED AND TWO YEARS (almost 203 years). That kind of kicks the argument that bigots had to be convinced in the space of a few years for women and girls to no longer be cheated of equality in the Constitution.

There are states Attorneys General trying to fight this, but what is needed is for women to get active again, especially those who are younger than i am (almost 70). The Barr “Justice” Dept is not going to give women a voice. Women and girls need to get out there are demand what is truly just, both in Washington and in their communities.

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