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June 10, 2012


"Evolutionism is Brief PPT

1. All cultures pass through the same developmental stages in the same order.
2. Evolution is unidirectional and leads to higher levels of culture.
3. A deductive approach is used to apply general theories to specific cases.
4. Ethnocentric because evolutionists put their own societies at the top.

Lewis Henry Morgan, a nineteenth-century evolutionist, held that all societies pass through certain distinctive evolutionary stages.

Stage 1, Lower savagery: From the earliest forms of humanity subsisting on fruits and nuts.
Stage 2, Middle savagery: Began with the discovery of fishing technology and the use of fire.
Stage 3, Upper savagery: Began with the invention of the bow and arrow.
Stage 4, Lower barbarism: Began with the art of pottery making.
Stage 5, Middle barbarism: Began with domestication of plants and animals in the Old World and irrigation cultivation in the New World.
Stage 6, Upper barbarism: Began with the smelting of iron and use of iron tools.
Stage 7, Civilization: Began with the invention of the phonetic alphabet and writing."

Some European countries have reached an even more advanced Stage 8.

However, it seems that some folks in Louisiana and similar states may be violating Rule #2 above. They appear to be receding to a lower stage.

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