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April 02, 2010


I'm a bit under 6'3 and use a raised countertop made to my height using the instructions on Colleens page.

It is great and I found I needed one. Smaller cooks should see if they need one too. I can believe someone who is 5'10 needs one and even those who have less height might use one too.

These are very cheap compared to back pain!

If are you making this as a gift its absolutely adorable so cute i love this. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


I am a standard height, 5' 10" male, and my bent elbow falls precisely 4" above a standard countertop as recommended. But I have another problem, sciatica, which has been extremely uncomfortable and almost debilitating at times. My worst sciatica problems occurred before I retired from an office job, requiring eight or more hours a day sitting behind a computer monitor. The company had an ergonomics specialist who didn't understand sciatica problems. I couldn't sit for more than a few minutes without incurring excruciating pains in my tailbone area and in other places. However, I could stand for periods of time with much less discomfort. But who ever heard of standing at a desk to operate a computer? Well...a few people have, but no one where I worked, especially the ergonomics people. Standing behind a computer sitting on a cardboard box, I would have stood out like an amputated thumb, so I continued to endure the pain.

Several years ago my sciatica was so bad that I couldn't lie down, sit down, or walk without extreme pain. Physical therapy helped some, but did not prevent relapses. In desperation, I visited a chiropractor. (I had always believed that chiropractors were quacks.) Within a few weeks of spine adjustments I was almost pain free. That was about eighteen months ago, and I haven't had another bout of debilitating sciatica since then. But I am far from being pain-free from sciatica. Lying in bed causes the worst sciatica pain. Sitting for extended periods of time causes the next worse pain. Performing work requiring bending and lifting causes lower levels of sciatica pain. And walking and standing cause almost no sciatica pain, even reducing it for hours afterword. So my sciatica loves 5-10 minute intervals of alternate sitting and standing while I am working at my computer. But like Colleen working at her standard-height kitchen counter, I cannot work standing up at my computer that is resting on a standard-height desktop. I need a desktop that will easily rise when I stand up and descend when I sit down. The controlling mechanism should be easily adjustable for balance, perhaps manually, to handle whatever load is placed on the desktop. As I stand up, catching the tips of my fingers under the desktop edge and lifting should easily drag it upward, and as I sit down, a gentle push with the palm or heal of my hand should force the desktop downward.

Let us think of this as the ergonomic workstation for sciatica sufferers. Now if AWP could design such a workstation, I would be the first customer and eternally grateful. I am now retired, but I still spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or table in front of my laptop computer. I read many books on my laptop, because I can make the print large enough for easy reading without glasses. I also spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. But I need to stand up and sit down regularly to appease my sciatica. Why not have a portable and easily adjustable "countertop laptop platform" that easily rises when I rise and descends when I descend? A lightweight platform that I can pick up, along with my 17" MacBookPro, and easily carry to and place on any horizontal surface of my choosing. Again, I would be the first customer and eternally grateful. How about it, AWP?

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