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February 24, 2009


i go through some frightening sections of road to use my bike. last year i was in amsterdam for a week and thought it was a biking paradise. you really don't need a car there and people look so much healthier than the round citizens we have in america.

i save so much not having a car that i'm comfortable on what i make as a grad student.

The change is going to have to be organic; in other words, increased awareness so that people know that cycling is a viable method of transportation, infrastructure assistance for cyclists, better/cheaper/more prevalent bikes, are all going to have to happen at the same time. There's a huge difference in attitude toward cyclists across the US: I used to ride in rural Pennsylvania where bikes were an uncommon sight for sport/exercise only, contrasted with Vancouver BC and Portland OR where it's just another mode of transportation. It will continue to spread but it's going to happen slowly, I think, without a major impetus (like $10 gas).

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