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December 25, 2008


I'm left-handed, a small product market that diminishes further as aging lefties are killed by the right-handed design skew of products and infrastructure. Perhaps the very tall part of the population succumbs early too, all those low-hanging chandelier concussions and shower head lung punctures? Designs to keep these folks healthy and functional longer would extend their product-consuming lives!

In my mind's eye, I see a tabletop chrome stand with adjustable legs. At the top is a tray that holds a standard-sized cutting board. The whole apparatus can be easily moved out of the way and used for other storage.

Or maybe instead of the legs being adjustable, the shelves/tray are adjustable.

Here's a product that has some of the characteristics. Imagine this in a smaller, tabletop size, with telescoping legs and no drawer. The distance would vary between the top and bottom shelves as the legs were adjusted.


Steve, what a great idea! I am going to tweet and forward to some of my friends from SJSU graduate art program - lots of clever craftsmen there.

Cooks like their boards. So, I'm thinking a mount would be preferred over a specialized board. Additionally, if such an adjustable mount could also double as a standing platform for short cooks, both ends of the height spectrum are better served.

For people who stumble across this there has been progress. Basically the idea was that you need a working surface that is stable, relatively inexpensive and adjustable. After awhile it became clear you could have two, but not three of these. In the end adjustability was thrown out. It turns out that numerous studies have been made on the right height for food preparation for people of a wide range of sizes. Using that we found a manufacturer to make very">http://www.6footsix.com/colleenify/2010/01/the-first-colleenification-videos-and-a-safety-tip.html">very sturdy raised wooden cutting boards - this one is very wide and serves as a raised counter.

Keeping with the idea of looking for other objects for someone who is very tall - Trek even built a special bicycle.

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