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August 27, 2008


Colleen is a very beautiful young woman. I just showed this to our daughter Mary who loved it.

Mary has cerebral palsy and has coordination problems with the activities most children find easy. Other children stare and laugh at her. We have been trying to get her interested in the special olympics to build her self esteem, but she is too upset with her condition to try. To see Colleen try something that makes people laugh was a wonderful lesson for Mary. There are things that are hard for any of us even athletes like Colleen.

Thank you Colleen!

In a million years I would not have thought a show like this could have a positive result. My hat is off to that Colleen that "baby giraffe" for getting the nerve to do something like this and to Helen for thinking of showing Mary.

Mary, go for the special olympics. Trying is everything and we are all God's children.

Helen this is beautiful. My week has been terrible until someone sent this link.

I visited Colleen's webpage too. She seems like a very special woman and is trying to do good things with children. She and Helen both get my hugs.



I hope Mary goes and trys

The link is broken. Is it anywhere else?

Damn she is the hottest tall chick ever! She needs to be on tv or in commercials or something like that.

Have you heard anything from Mary or Helen? I have had them in my prayers. I also have Colleen in my prayers. All of them are special in their own way.

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