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September 10, 2007


I couldn't agree more on the IM client; while I share the suspicion that it's a ploy to avoid dinging SMS revenue, it's a feature I really miss from my sidekick. The absence of iChat on the thing is just too obvious an oversight to be anything but deliberate. The same is true for GPS; the google maps feature almost seems as though it were included to highlight the lack of GPS support.

As for cases, I went with the Waterfield sleeve. The way I figure it, any time I want to be interacting with it, I want it out of the case, so I mostly just want something to keep the phone from getting destroyed in my bag. Hasn't arrived yet so I can't say anything about the quality, but Waterfield's gear is generally awfully good.

Finally, on EDGE performance: my experience hasn't been nearly so bad. It took a few seconds to a few tens of seconds to load and render metafilter, for example. I suspect performance is extremely variable depending on which tower you're at and so on. One thing I noticed was that I could correct for really terrible EDGE performance somewhat by toggling the radio state using airplane mode. I'm not sure how general that trick is, but it seemed to get me reregistered to a less sucky cell.

So, how's the typing? I had problems with the tiny keypad when I tried it for a few minutes at a store.

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