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April 22, 2006


I think VeloKraft's NoCom probably qualifies for the Ferrari of MPVs - eyecatching, impractical, fast and frighteningly expensive. Not sure of the iPod of the HPV world, though certainly in Europe, Challenge might be the Apple - they seem to be combining funtionality with great aesthetics (at a price) at the moment.

Denmark does have an excellent system of bike paths and support (I noticed that when it snowed, the bike paths were cleared first).

They have done something quite stupid, however, and allowed the cost of public transportation to skyrocket, to the point where buying and driving a car to work makes more sense for some people than taking the train, despite gas at $1.50/litre. When we went back to Denmark last August, the price for a one-month bus and train pass (good for the greater Copenhagen area) had risen to almost $200.

That said, alternate transportation is encouraged by the design of the retail system. In the community where we lived, the local grocery store was located across from the train station, had several convenient bus stops nearby, lots of bicycle racks, and parking space for maybe 10 cars. It was much easier to take the train into the city and walk to our destination than to battle traffic and hunt for a parking space.

Incidentally, we never saw anything but conventional bicycles there- no recumbents or 3-wheelers.

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