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September 09, 2005


PS - I should note that I as able to play with one at the local Apple store.

The size is striking - they seem much smaller than the photos imply. They are also very solid feeling and the scroll wheel works very well even though it is tiny - I found navigation better than on the 4G or mini iPods with my fingers. (ymmv). The screen is very readable - I would rate it better than the mini.

Sound quality seemed similar to other iPods, but spending 5 minutes in a store isn't a real test.

Yesterday I stopped by the SOHO Apple store to see if they had a nano that I could try. I worried that it would be too small to read the screen and that it might be hard to operate with that tiny click wheel. After three minutes I knew I had to get one.

I went with the 4 GB black model and am giving my shuffle to my cousin.

I run 7 or 8 miles a day and need something that is going to hold up. This one feels very solid to me. So far so good.,

This is a big Apple year for me. I've never bought anything from them and the iMac G5 was the first computer I ever bought. Then came the suffle and now the nano.

Gad I want one of these. I don't need one. I already have a 30 GB iPod that is only a year old, but I want one.

i want one of these in the worst way. i can't justify or afford it, but i really want it.

i'm asking for one for my birthday

Same with me over here. If only I can find enough money to scout around for those cool gadgets to experiment with ipod. I've seen many but never get the chance to try that myself.

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