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May 21, 2005


It wasn't Apple intention but it's worked out that way - the ipod may be the first mass market that is so customizable that the user doesn't perceive it to be a fad. Companies are always trying to find that fine line between "limited" which boosts status but also ultimately limits profitability to mass market which boosts profits but generally has a short appeal and so everyone is applying this formula to the ipod but the ipod is unique.

First, the appeal of status is an object you can be seen carrying or driving around in but that usually entails a buy-in of hundreds of dollars to thousands and when the fad is over, you're stuck with something that's X% of your income - unless you're a celeb or wealthy, you have to choose carefully.

The ipod is different because the buy in has now been lowered to $99 and that was in short supply - so even though a high % of adult america's can scrap together $99, the shortage justed added to it.

The ipod is different because for a mass market item, yet each one is uniquely different - if you do nothing else, no two people have the exact same playlist so unlike almost everything else, you're immediately different even if you're holding the exact same model (& version).

(Apple is also accidentially smart in that new versions come out every 6 months).

The ipod is also different because of the unique now nearly WAl-Mart sized cottage industry - for as little as $20 more, not only do you have a completely different playlist but a different case ... or much different? There's a company that will paint it, you can wrap a tattoo around or adore it with crystals (or P Diddy-like with diamonds) ... so two people carrying ipods, one with a Korn tattoo wrap and 5,000 neue-metal songs is so NOT the same as the person with a pink ipod with pink crystals and 5,000 different songs ... the same, yet not the same.

The closest would be a car but that takes a big commitment - an ipod is only a $99 to $450 committment that not only shows you can buy the best machine out there but reflects your personality AND gives you a soundtrack to your life - how the hell can you top that?

You can't. At least not now and not yet.

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