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February 13, 2005


My family gave me fourteen $25 and one $15 iTune Music Store gift certificates for Christmas. 365 songs. It isn't the most expensive gift I've had, but I'm enjoying it more than anything I've been given.

I'm one of those people who liked his iPod so much that I went to buy another for my daughter and ended up walking out of the store with an iPod for her and a 17" iMac G5 for me. Now it looks like we will be getting her a Mac mini to replace her Dell.

An added note -- instructions for trivial non-drm'ed archiving of Napster music (or any music played on Windows) have been posted all over the Web.

This sort of thing is very easy - the drm will undoubtedly be cracked, but that fact that amplifiers require an analog stream combined with the fact that PCs can easily capture such streams render the drm nothing more than a speed bump.

The only way to minimize piracy is to offer serious value.

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