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March 21, 2004


I have used the “Kill A Watt” from P3 international to measure various electric devices and let me share with you some numbers.

G5 1.8Ghz Single processor (160 GB HD; 512 MB RAM)
180-200W during normal operation (not including monitor)
7W sleep mode

eMac G4/700 Mhz (CD-RW; 40 GB HD; 512 MB RAM)
90-100W during normal operation
6W sleep mode

iMac DV G3/400 Mhz (DVD-ROM, 40 GB HD-upgrade; 512 MB RAM)
80-90W during normal operation
28W sleep mode (28 W, this is not a mistype)

iBook dual USB, G3/500 Mhz (CD-ROM, 40 GB HD-upgrade; 384 MB)
17W during normal operation
1W sleep mode

Window PC (home assembled) (AMD Athlon 1800+ on Asus A7V333 motherboard;
256 MB RAM; CD-RW; 40 GB HD)
180-210W during normal operation (not including monitor)
110-120W sleep mode (my friend’s no-brand P4 machine turned in similar numbers in both
modes). This may give any PC user an incentive to turn off the computer when not in use.

Another surprise, the satellite box (cable box is probably the same)
On 17W
Off 14W

Hey, thanks for the info on energy usage. It's made me take a second look at my Energy Saver settings. Maybe I can save a few bucks on my electric bill by putting my Mac to sleep overnight instead of leaving it on 24/7.

Larry Stevens

Okay, so a question about KWH ?? Does that mean that for every 1000 watts you use for 60 minutes is ~12 cents ??? I always wondered how that worked.

An update -- I have just measured the Mac mini at 19 watts normal load (normal use over an hour), 27 watts under very heavy load and 2 watts sleeping.

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