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November 21, 2003


MoveOn mentions this in an emailing today ...

In May of 2002, Vice President Cheney said, "What I want to say to my Democratic friends in the Congress is they need to be very cautious not to seek political advantage [from the 9/11 or the War on Terror]... Such commentary is thoroughly irresponsible and totally unworthy of national leaders in a time of war." Compare that to this paragraph from today's New York Times: "The Republican Party is responding this week with its first advertisement portraying Mr. Bush as fighting terrorism...By indirectly invoking the Sept. 11 attacks, the commercial plays to what White House officials have long contended is Mr. Bush's biggest political advantage: his initial handling of the aftermath of the attacks." (Many thanks to the Center for American Progress "Progress Report" for unearthing the quotes.)

Great quotes! I posted a reply to one of those laughable "anti-protest" emails being passed around a few days ago, it is linked to my name below or can be found at (http://www.tallent.us/CommentView.aspx?guid=a2c088c0-0061-46a6-8119-ab9eb1b7f8aa)

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