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November 06, 2003


Here in Cambridge (UK) we have iPods, but I haven't seen "jack-sharing".

It sounds interesting.

Not here in Seattle

It sounds cool

I tried this at Oberlin today and the five people I passed all reciprocated. This is new to me but I found some great music I've never heard. Then again, Oberlin is a great place for finding music.


Someone sent this link and I tried it on my morning walk this morning. I am 28 and the other person was probably in his seventies. I was listening to a musical and he was listening to some sort of country. I don't think we liked either's music, but it seemed like a hugely friendly thing to do. I'm certainly going to try it again. The number of iPod users is high around Tempe.

sounds neat! I'm trying it at lunch. there are a bunch of iPod owners near my building in San Jose

Wow, that's pretty amazingly brilliant. If I ever bump into someone else with an iPod (haven't yet, although i've only owned mine for about one month) i'm gonna try that.

Great Viral marketing stunt I would say! And on the otherhand not competely disagreeing with Jan. ?!Stick to your own 'kind' (meaning iPod user) and it's safe?! Ya Right!

That sounds interesting, I have not yet seen anyone jack sharing in my town. I think that me and my roommate are the only people in our desolate littel farming community that even have a mac let alone an iPod. I am traveling to the city (NYC) often and I hope to see some jack sharing going on...I see iPod users on the subway all the time.

My biggest problem with finding other people to share jacks with is that I can't easily identify other iPod users. I don't have a remote for my iPod and I blew out my white Apple earbuds long long ago.

But it sounds like an incredible idea. I live in Pittsburgh, and if I manage to succeed in doing it, I'll let you know.

Why limit yourself to other Ipodders? You can jack into anyone listening to a device with headphones, no? Walkmens, etc. You don't have to limit yourself to only people with the white earbuds ;).

A question came up on sharing with other types of players ... there is no reason why this shouldn't happen. Around here it just hasn't - yet.

Great Viral Marketing is right!

Haven't done jack sharing yet, but I have done a minicast. Neuros players (and now with a plugin iPod players) broadcast to FM. Friends driving behind me (30-40 feet sometimes depending on weather) can listen. The great thing about minicasts is you can share with more than just one person (yeah, I know portable speakers would do that as well), and all you need is a radio to participate.

I read the Wired article...Now I really wanna know. What albums have you 'found' by borrowing iPod jacks? This is the kinda thing I love. You see someone that's so excited by what they're hearing that they just have to share. I've found some of my favorite music by just being curious. It's often strange stuff that you'd never hear on a top 40 list but can be just fantastic!

This is what the music idustry is missing! I've purchased more albums by what I've heard off of friends MP3 players than any radio station in the area!

Portland, OR

Yeah but is the 30ish year old woman hot?

what if she's not 30 at all and you have offended her?

I have never seen any do this on the subway in Toronto. I use an iPod with different headphones because I hate earbuds, but it's an intriguing idea.

Well, she could be _older_ than 30, and therefore your observation could be considered a compliment.

No ipod-sharing in TN. Doubt the natives here would like my eclectic techno/classical/opera/world-fusion/jazz/whatever taste in music anyway...

Ive never jacked ne1, but it definately sounds cool. Ive had my Ipod for a year now (i got it for my 16 BDAY, best gift ever). I duno, i think if i take out my phones and point at another ipoders jack, i doubt theyd understand... but then again, ill def. try it, i see a few on my bus route..

i think i speak for every1 when i say IPODS rock
Ipod - 1G - 5 gigs

Definitely sounds like something I should try. I think the reason you don't hear about it with different players such as Walkman or other MP3 players is due to the uniqueness of people who buy Apple products. Even if they are PC users, owning an Apple product sort of implants that 'think different' attitude.

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