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November 27, 2003


I can only speak for Napster 2.0 and their Samsung player.

My 30th birthday was last week and my family got me the Samsung Napster player and some money to spend at the Napster 2.0 site to sooth the pain. At first I thought the gift was great, but the Napster software caused real problems with my new Dell laptop running Windows XP. Lots of crashing.

In between crashes I tried to spend some money at the Napster 2.0 store, but couldn't get through. I spent two hours of phone hell with the help people. Two hours on hold that is. When I finally got through they told me their store doesn't work with my WiFi connection. They also told me that I shouldn't use my firewall. Sure. Like you can use the Internet and not have a firewall.

I'm taking the player back to get something better.

For the music stores I would rather buy CDs.

Napster 2.0 is really f*cked up.

Napster 2.0 is already being used as an example of a failed brand name in our B school.

The name was all they had and it was repurposed to mean something completely different from the original name. Never mind the company didn't have a realistic business model. They aren't exactly quoting numbers. Only Apple is these days and their numbers show their store to be a big loss. There are some traffic numbers floating around that make you think anyone who believes in the company is also into the tooth fair and easter bunny.

It is only a question of how long they go 'till someone pulls the plug.

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