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August 23, 2003


Back when I tried a bunch of RSS aggregators, they all had the same model: First you catch up with one weblog, then the next, then the one after that. This was terrible for following stories as they spread around the net--I was constantly checking timestamps to try to understand which versions were the latest, and I kept getting the "here's what X says" story and then later getting to X's original post.

So I went back to reading RSS feeds through LiveJournal. While it's not completely reliable, LiveJournal tries to do what I want: Twine together all my feeds (or defined subsets of them) in roughly chronological order, so I can catch up from back to front.

Do you know of any other aggregators that operate this way?

Erik -- you can actually use NetNewsWire that way too. You can create groups of sites. Groups show everything's that's new in that group.

I should be letting Erik speak, but I think he is looking for a chronological ordering rather than an indication of new ...

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