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August 22, 2003


makeing peace with diversity is a huge imperitave for the human being. with out diversity you have the seeds of war inplanted. these are words of vanda shiva. with one person makeing the standard for all ( western culture) leaves lttle room for diverersity. when culture becomes one mans way of thinking you go against the majority against you in thought. the thought of many usualy doesnt compare to the few. communitys of locals must be formed to have the unity of all. there is no peace in unicomformity of the world. with that you cause destruction of the human condition wich has been weekend for the past years due to the cpapatalistic and empirolism wasys of the western culture. takes away from nature and the reasoning of the world to be divers.
this may sound all weird .. but for me to get it all out it would turn into a book. conservation.....

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