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Scott Grout

Solar panels generate useful amounts of energy about 2000 hours per year*. There are 8,760 hours in a year. Please explain how the other 6,760 hours of energy requirements will be met as well as an economic analysis of same. No handwaving please about the cost of lithium ion batteries dropping by 90% (it is still two orders of magnitude too expensive and recently lithium prices are on the rise), or that there might be compressed air storage, or gravity batteries, or green hydrogen - doing a little math shows all of these are economically infeasible.

It is a complete myth that wind and solar are the cheapest forms of energy. Without very expensive storage both are impractical for any kind of base load . The longer we perpetuate this myth, the longer we kick the climate can down the road. There is only one viable green source of base-load energy, nuclear, and the longer we deny this the worse off our children will be. If the US had followed France's lead getting to 60% nuclear within about a decade we would have avoided over 300 giga tons of CO2 emissions over the last 52 years - think about the opportunity we missed, 50 years of CO2 emissions eliminated. The environmentalist that demonized nuclear then and continue to demonize it today ended up being the number one contributor to CO2 emissions and global warming. This planet-saving lost opportunity rests directly on their shoulders.

Let's please be real, our kids are depending on us.

* - Similarly wind turbines generate useful energy about 30% of the time.

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