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Gregg Vesonder

This exploration takes me back to one of my favorite if not the favorite course I ever attended. It was taught by Ernan McMullin a physicist/philosopher (if you are interested, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernan_McMullin). The course was called "Ways of Knowing" and was a course on Epistemology. The lasting impression I received from that course was how different disciplines see the world and how rich it all is when you try on the spectacles of the scientist, historian, comedian, ... . i have always seen Steve as the person who sees the world from many viewpoints and this post is essential Steve. I do wish I was a physicist and a psychologist because I admire the physicists' viewpoint, but would not trade it but add it. In this area multiplicity is a virtue.

steve crandall

and I wish I had just a tiny bit of Gregg's feeling for psychology. But that's why people get together and talk with folks with different backgrounds and interests, right?

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