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That looks a lot like where I grew up in southern Alberta. Here in Paris there is a lot of talk about banning cars from the center of the city. We had a car free day last fall that transformed the city.

You need to make me that ice cream!


According to the 2010 Census, 63 percent of the population lives in areas with densities that are greater or equal to 1,000 people per square mile. A subscription autonomous vehicle service will also "know" where people are based on past use, which should allow them to cut down on wait times.

Gregg Vesonder

Got to try the sorbet! This is a lot deeper than most articles I have seen and yes Steve I would like to go deeper. I wonder if the future involves hubs of folks or the sprawl of William Gibson. In some ways it would be great if we could limit transportation, virtualize interaction to an extent. I have architect friends who are reveling in the future as expanding cities with practically everyone living in one. I wonder i the future will be very different but Gibson's sprawl seems to be more the case. Long week getting grades out so I may be rambling!

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