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"For most there isn't a need to calculate or memorize," - well said. In fact I think often those painful tasks obliterate the common sense models and extraordinary wonder of science, engineering and art. Too often in education we bring in drudge and call it education, when it is often more enjoyable for the student and the teacher to instill a sense of wonder and a useable knowledge by explaining things clearly and carefully, often with an edge of awe. As you have pointed out frequently Feynman was a master of this and he took you down the path of discovery.

There are of course times to calculate and memorize but when it is attached to understanding and awe it is no longer a chore but further steps in the understanding. You want to do so to understand it better.

Sorry for being so expansive your words struck a chord!


thanks Gregg! Comments of any length are always appreciated. It is nice to know the post meant something to someone.

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