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Wow Steve there is a lot here. First the Feynman video was fantastic, thanks! Second, and it probably should have been first, you are an excellent communicator of science and the fact that you struggle and try harder makes you even better!

A quibble though with this entry. I think that both applied science which I define as experimentation and basic science should both be well funded. In my world they are very connected, each feeding the other.

Thanks for making my Sunday morning even more enjoyable.

Steve Crandall

I should have added more detail on the Canadian situation. The old conservative government cut pure and applied research. There were increases in development of what the government, not technical types, felt was important for Canada - notably shale oil extraction. As a result research that was deemed not to have a guaranteed outcome was cut rather dramatically with researchers and students leaving the country. It was both short-sighted and disastrous.


I'm Canadian. Thank God the last government is ashes. Such a disaster.

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