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There are a few velomobiles in Denmark. They are very fast so you see them on the cycling super highway and country trips. The ones I’ve see have three wheels. I don’t think they’d work in the snow very well.

If you want the most power does it make sense to pedal with your arms and legs rather than just your legs?


That turns out to be an interesting question Jheri. The simple answer is the amount of power an athlete produces for anything over short duration bursts is limited by the amount of oxygen their body can bring to the muscles. A trained athlete has more muscle capacity than oxygen supply. The legs have more muscle mass. You could use your arms and legs, but it is easy to supply all of the power your lungs can handle with just your legs. On a vehicle transmissions that involve just the legs are more efficient and simpler.

That said it is possible to extract a lot of power just from arms with training as some amputees demonstrate.

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