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Fantastic post, Steve!

Does your’s make your life better or worse in any way?

steve crandall

I've thought about that question. I can't think of huge impacts, but I wonder what it would be like to have crisply defined, orthogonal sight and hearing. I really can't imagine what that must be like.

There is evidence that very coordinated athletes are not syntesthetes. I'm not very coordinated, but I'm also probably within normal ranges. I do have concentration focus problems when I'm around dramatic scenes or music. I try not to listen to music - particularly music that I love - when I'm driving as I don't want my attention diverted. Other than that I suspect, but can't prove, that it is useful to the way I build and play with mental models. I consider myself very visual, but my form of visual isn't standard.

There can be a tendency for it to run in families. No living relatives appear to have it, but my father's side of the family has an artistic streak.

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