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Jean Russell

I don't see any, and maybe I just haven't looked, analysis on how the environmental work of the 70s-90s might have already helped shift the curve on climate change. What would the world look like, if we had kept up with that kind and level of smog? Are environmentalists afraid that announcing any success will reduce the pressure on additional needs for shift?


There was great progress in the 70s-90s .. mostly from regulation. Early on that was driven by the outcry in the late 60s and the emergence of environmentalism as a potent political force. Heavens - by many count Nixon brought more positive environmental change than any president. He did it begrudgingly and saw it as politically expedient, but it worked.

We would be in much worse shape without this regulation and the change it brought. I don't know why the progress isn't celebrated. There is a big disconnect between the current environmental movement and solid paths. I think there is a feeling they still have the lightning in a bottle from the early 70s and are pissed it isn't working. While I work for change and we have a carbon footprint less than half the size of the average American couple, I don't consider myself an environmentalist in the modern sense. Instead I want to accomplish something.


Funny that, I discovered a video of his through my twitter stream and after watching a few I now subscribe. Independently I discovered another well spoken expert who takes on the issue of health care see Healthcare Triage on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCabaQPYxxKepWUsEVQMT4Kw). I wonder how many others are now on Youtube taking on complex subjects at the level of discourse you describe.

It suggests to me that the cost of doing this is now low enough for those with talent that advertising at least covers their costs. Discovering the signal in the all the noise on Youtube might be the issue now instead of cost to produce (and costs will decrease as we all know). Lots of smart talented people out there including you Steve. What is your excuse? :-)


I imagine there is some very good work on youtube - I've certainly run into a fair amount. I've tried science communication for some time and generally have failed. We can all all improve with practice and I've certainly improved a bit in the past twenty or so years that I've been trying, but this is still very difficult for me.

I'm still trying and have been talking with people who are seriously good at it, but don't expect a lot of progress. It is clear more people need to try. I'm sure there are more than a few who could become very good at this with much less effort than I've put in so far.

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