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Howard Greenstein

My Ford uses my iPhone as the data connection layer. It connects to my phone, and has a siri-like interface. It downloads my address book, and I can ask the car to call people (on cell or home or work).
Additionally, it will play music (shuffle, play music by a certain artist) similar to Siri.
When I need directions, it will dial a call to a central service, ask me an address, download the directions to the car. If I deviate from the course it will ask if I want to update the route, and will reconnect and do so.
In that sense, it is using my phone in the simplest way, as a data connection. But I see greater potential in it...


I have almost no use for a car living in København. People my age either have no car or something very small and rent for the three times a year when they need one. Cars are not sexy like they were for our parents. The idea of a sexy car is for old people. Maybe a motorcycle for some of the guys who love mechanical things.

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