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I hope that you can find hygge during and beyond the season Steve. Something tells me you will:)

Nancy White

My Italian gramma made biscotti. Every time I eat one, I think of her. Happy Happy Solstice!


Here is the end to the little Christmas story - an email that arrived after I posted this -- wonderful stuff!


I had some time with the priest and he said there was one where a gift might make a real difference to her. He said she is someone who has a lot of potential, but no one believes in her and she is struggling now and probably in financial trouble. She came to the city to change her life and has been hanging on, but has not been able to get above water enough to start into school, which is why she came. He thinks there is a romantic and someone who may do something important, but for now she doesn't have a lot of hope.

He had found her a job in a little restaurant, gave me her name and a description and started to cry,which made me cry. It was a very beautiful moment.

I went to the bank and took out more money thinking that maybe there would be enough to cover a few of her expenses. I put two $100s and four $50s and a really good chocolate bar in an envelope and spent an hour writing and tearing up short notes. Finally all I said is

You don't know me but I know you as I was you
You need to have faith in yourself and know there is hope
Maybe this offering with help
Learn to have pride in yourself and keep trying,
I have faith in you because I finally started to believe in myself
Oh yeah - the chocolate is the best I know

I went to the restaurant at 4 so it would be empty. I had an egg salad sandwich and a vanilla milkshake made extra thick with chunks of chocolate mixed in. I thanks her and asked what her name was. She gave her first name and fit the description. We talked a bit and it was certainly her. I paid and fumbled around, handed her the envelope and said here's the tip. I winked at her and walked out looking in the window a bit, but I didn't see her open it. I hurried down the street so I could disappear properly.

WIth luck she is confused, but is feeling very good about herself now:-)

this is my Christmas - it was wonderful!

Nancy White

Big smile...

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