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Totally awesome Steve! I had wondered about the coxes but had no idea how you would solve it. This is so simple compared to what I was thinking. Thank you for showing me some dimensional thinking last year. It really helped me in a biology math class. I don't think naturally in it like you - yet:)

I did find a typo where you make use of N to the one third being proportional to L, you have pd ∝ L squared v cubed ∝ N to the two thirds v3. The v3 should be v cubed. You must have forgot the superscript:-)

I don't know how to make the sub and superscripts in this reply.


Thanks Jheri! I have some feedback that this had too much math, but also your comment and an email that liked it. I suppose there are two very different audiences (at least)

And thanks for finding the typo - nothing like not proof reading. It is now correct.

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