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Hej Steve.  You should write about flavor some day.  This is a great post but I loved your description of what is known about how flavor works.  It is something chefs and others need to learn.

My damaged hearing has sharpened by vision.  People seem struck at how aware I am visually of my surroundings and especially others, but I think this is common with deaf and mostly deaf people.  I think it is why so many of us don't agree with the idea of cochlear implants.  Vision my super sense!


maybe this is another out of band communication for you:)

I found this paper on increasing attractiveness and apparent healthy by changing your diet so make your skin look better


It takes time and a bit of attention, but it may be as important as how you dress, which I know is an out of band communication.

Here is the paper's abstract:

Fruit and vegetable consumption and ingestion of carotenoids have been found to be associated with human skin-color (yellowness) in a recent cross-sectional study. This carotenoid-based coloration contributes beneficially to the appearance of health in humans and is held to be a sexually selected cue of condition in other species.

Methodology and Principal Findings
Here we investigate the effects of fruit and vegetable consumption on skin-color longitudinally to determine the magnitude and duration of diet change required to change skin-color perceptibly. Diet and skin-color were recorded at baseline and after three and six weeks, in a group of 35 individuals who were without makeup, self-tanning agents and/or recent intensive UV exposure. Six-week changes in fruit and vegetable consumption were significantly correlated with changes in skin redness and yellowness over this period, and diet-linked skin reflectance changes were significantly associated with the spectral absorption of carotenoids and not melanin. We also used psychophysical methods to investigate the minimum color change required to confer perceptibly healthier and more attractive skin-coloration. Modest dietary changes are required to enhance apparent health (2.91 portions per day) and attractiveness (3.30 portions).

Increased fruit and vegetable consumption confers measurable and perceptibly beneficial effects on Caucasian skin appearance within six weeks. This effect could potentially be used as a motivational tool in dietary intervention.

Jean Russell

Absolutely fascinating.

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