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Awesome Steve;)

I vote for running and cycling

Howard Greenstein

I biked 50 miles today but since I didn't have a pulse monitor my phone app just estimated that I burned about 2700 calories. What is the best way to measure this with all the tech toys out today?


It depends on a lot of things - your speed relative to the wind, frontal area, coefficient of drag, your weight, the bikes weight, accelerations along the way are the big ones. I've measured a person who was presenting a lot of frontal area on a level path with few accelerations and a constant relative wind speed of 14 mph (her real speed - no wind). She was close to 500 kcal/hr - it worked out to a bit more than 1000 mpg(e).


A good way is in a wind tunnel with a dyno - or a good calibrated load dyno while you are measuring the rider's CO2 output. but this is overkill for non- athlete applications.

There are some tables that show speed ranges and weight - I find they over estimate by about 20%, but most people probably aren't at ideal speed for their gear, so perhaps it is ok.

Nancy White

Years ago when I was running a little internet start up, a guy came by with a prototype recumbant bike to "sit" at your desk. It was clumsy and I could not keep my head still enough to efficiently read my computer screen (old style, big boxes!) but I loved the idea and asked if it could be set up to power the computer. This was 1997!!!


You could certainly power a laptop - current laptops are in the 20 watt region dropping to perhaps half that with MacBook Airs. A nice way to do it would be to charge the battery - then you could decouple the pedaling with the operation so you could have meetings and so on. Come to think of it, why not put these units in meeting rooms to power the machines in your office - at least there would be some productivity;)

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