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Jean Russell

One of the treasures I hold from our delightful conversations is the clarity that serendipity is not only the surprising connection - it is also the awareness of the significance of it. thus developing skills around serendipity not only involves creating conditions for random unexpected connection - it is also developing wisdom about what is significant and doing a lot of noticing and reflecting. #gratitude

Love that you shared your approach to playing with problems.

Charlie Hess

Steve, thanks for those thoughts. The aspects I have recently come to appreciate are faith and openness. I had ( he died unfortunately for me) a friend who would talk about Setting the Conditions for Grace to Arise. I have found that making a conscious decision to be open and alert to all sorts of guidance is a wonderful way to set those conditions...and for problems to be approached. When I do mind maps with people , which help explore their lives and what is , I have such a sense of guidance and I really have faith in that even when I am led to places my mind would not have gone. I would say it ALWAYS is helpful in a big way.
So I would add faith and openness as two tools to your list.
Also, I would be very interested in how you see expanding ignorance in its various aspects...if you have time and inclination. thanks Steve!


You gave this list to me a few years ago when I started back into school. Thankyou for it! It has been more useful than you can imagine:) And thank you for the wonderful exercises you gave me for my differential equations class:) Seeing them as art taught me so much.


Ooooh those scones look wonderful too! I need to try them even if I'm not a good baker. Chocolate and cherry are wonderful together.

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