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Jean Russell

oooh, you can't tease us like that.... tell the rocket motorcycle story!!! Please... and the roof flying one too.


I think I'll reserve those and other stories for one on one chats with people ... some mystery is a good thing.

My parents were seriously tolerant,

Dan Bartholomew

First diamond maker (in reproducible fashion) H. Tracy Hall (my father-in-law) also had great freedom and free range growing up in Ogden and Marriott Utah areas. He salvaged project materials from the dump, assembled crystal radio sets, and adopted Thomas Edison as virtual mentor. He knew early what he wanted to do--word at Edison's company, GE.

Earning his chemistry Ph.D. at U. of Utah under Henry Eyring, he joined GE and, when the opportunity came, volunteered for the diamond-making project. As the chemist on the team, he was stymied by the decisions by more senior team members regarding approaches and equipment acquisition. The very expensive equipment purchased would never prodoce the pressures and temperatures needed. He undertook his own equipment design and bootlegged its creation with and beyond his own limited budget allowance. He was making progress with his own approach when the decision was made to wrap up the project as a failure and evaluate or publish any useful findings.

He got the breakthrough during this wrap-up period, while experimenting with different candidates for an effective catalyst.

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