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Jean Russell

the work I have been tracking on motivation and influence includes:
Cialdini - Influence (he writes on the science of persuasion)
NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming. Find someone who does the desired thing well, model out what they do, and then do it. Also, with the NLP coaching work I did, we worked a lot on belief change. It is like re-programming the brain.
I find all the new behavioral economics and neuroscience work very interesting. Drive, Sway, Nudge, Predictably Irrational, seem to be the biggest titles, but I also have several others. I think a good body of this work will help us understand and then use the actual ways people operate to our collective advantage.
What other sources are you looking at?

I am sure there is a whole area of visual persuasion - such as using teal and orange to trigger emotion and emotional recall. Orange stands out in memory. Etc. Strangely most of the knowledge in this comes from sales/marketing research and not some general curiosity about how people function.

Thanks for the inquiry.

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