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Jean Russell

Thank you so much for this Steve. I would really like to see this mapped out as a decision tree - each set of triplets followed by their benefits, concerns, and such; this would help with thinking in multi-prong strategy ways, I think.

Christopher was looking forward to skiing in Tahoe, but there isn't snow there (for the first time in like 80+ years at Christmas). Wondering if changes like that might hit home for people that don't see it elsewhere.

Wherever I see the extinction thing I wonder where the bursts of evolution are - where is life giving rise to more life. And just how fast is that? I see you say here, not fast enough, but I want to hear more about that.



It is typically more expvisnee for you to designate "green" power. It is a method to subsidize the building of more wind power, but in reality wind power is not any more "green" than nuclear power. The intermittent nature of wind power makes it necessary to have some sort of "backup" power, usually gas, wind uses much more concrete and steel than nuclear power for the same amount of megawatts. Wind power actually has a larger "footprint" than nuclear power, it takes more land to produce the same amount of power. We need to explore all the methods of producing power while minimizing the effect on the environment, this is one way of donating to that cause and voting with your $$.

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