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I agree with your assessment of the Isaacson bio. You hit the nail on the head with your observation that Isaacson is simply not very curious. He ignores (or doesn't grasp) the historic importance of many issues and developments. This makes the book often very frustrating, if not maddening, for the informed reader.

Another critical review I would recommend is that by John Siracusa on the 5By5 podcast site in the series called "Hypercritical." It is podcasts 42 and 43. Link: http://5by5.tv/hypercritical


I don't criticize books often as I'm clearly not a writer, but this almost seems like a lost opportunity to me. I felt he had a responsibility to do a good job. The technical and historical mistakes are glaring and make me doubt the depth of other parts. This could have been an important book historically and even as a business book.

Hopefully, with time, solid works will emerge.

I should have known better after the Einstein book....

thanks for the podcast tip


I am on my 3rd Kindle. I travel and read a lot and it seemed perfect for me. The screen is so legible it seems close to paper and it is so light. But I haven't used one since March when my second one broke. It was under warranty and was replaced, but I had been using my new iPad and found I could read my Amazon books on it too plus the PDF color articles that didn't work on the Kindle. There are so many other things the iPad does that I don't bring my laptop when I travel. The screen isn't as wonderful as the Kindle, but it is color. I wish the iPad was lighter, but you learn how to read with it quickly. It is so much more flexible that I don't need the Kindle anymore. It is just another gadget in the closet.

I don't know about the Fire, but it has to work a lot better than my iPad to get me interested. Plus it has to run the apps I use all the time. If what you say about the Fure is right, bargain seekers should get a used iPad. The roomies say the next iPad will have a much better screen. If that is true someone can buy my iPad2:)


Looking forward to the new IPHONE 5 to be coming out shortly - and to prove that Apple doesn't operate just on the legendary jobs - but based on the Apple team.

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