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M. Durrett

Something created by a person - My mother made me a hooked rug according to a design and colors I selected. She has since died but the rug reminds me of her.
Product/service gave pleasure for at least a year - We have a Gitzo 6x carbon tripod. The tripod's simplicity, elegance and form/function provide enjoyment every time we use it.
Product that fell from grace - I used an ad blocker (WRQ's AtGuard) that early on was a stand alone product. It did the job and I loved it. Within 2-3 years it was sold to Norton who integrated it into Internet Security Suite. Over time it became annoying due to Norton's lack of support. I no longer use Norton.


Something created by a person - an idea called "bio-cost" created by michael geogeghan and paul pangaro (i got to embellish and market it), which is a human economy, the stress, time, attention and energy required to get what you (we all) want. this idea has stuck with for 8 years and its importance has grown over time...

Products that have stuck with me for over a year - all apple products, of course, and the philips sonicare toothbrush, and "4-wheel drive" suitcases from rimowa...


Something that a person made - I have a great picture of my son that a photographer at his school made over a year ago. It features as the wallpaper of my iPhone, and every time I see it I'm touched by the look, I feel love and pride, but I also feel vulnerable, and it always makes me want to go home, wherever I am...

A service that has given me pleasure for at least a year - the gym and my personal coach there. I've been going regularly for a couple of years now, the atmosphere is just right, the attention at a nice level and the provide a free breakfast in the morning, which for me, still is the best way to start my day...all about the people there making me feel at home, and giving me a great optimistic start.

A product that fell from grace - my Apple TV, used it quite a lot in the beginning, to watch all the stuff that I downloaded on my TV-screen, but now I haven't put anything new on it for over a year I think (or at least it feels like that). Interestingly though...although it fell from my grace, my son is the biggest user of it at the moment as he is able to watch all his Disney movies on it ;-)

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