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Daniel Klein

Hi Steven!

Excellent article. I just finished the Jobs book and I agree with your comments (his birthday was eight days after mine of the same year). I have been referred to as a Polymath many times by very successful people. As far as strict IQ goes, I tend to stray deeply into the genius end of the pool. Of course, it doesn't make me better than anyone else or even a better person for it, so I don't have a grip on that title except to point out that I *may* have an ability to figure things out a bit faster than some.

Your point to keep learning and keep extending your education is so true. When someone points to some skill I have or to another's skill that seems out of grasp, I tell them that a brain surgeon didn't know how to be a brain surgeon until, after many years, he actually gained the skills, knowledge, and experience to become one.

This connecting dots is a great term for me. I believe that that's what I do. In the past, the only language I had for it was that I could SEE things (not Dead People!). Someone could mention something to me about something I had little or no knowledge of and I can see it in my mind, look around it, see the inner workings, etc., and understand it very quickly. Sometimes I termed it as "Downloading" information. I had always wondered if Intuition was merely super-fast computation of bits of information. But now I like "connecting the dots".

I was fortunate to meet for lunch with a man named Gordon MacKenzie at Hallmark cards while I was a contract photographer. He wrote the book, "Orbiting the Giant Hairball". I was fascinated with his specially-created job title of Creative Paradox. I am still searching for a job like that to this day.

One thing, though. Having worked for Apple Retail as a Creative/Trainer for a few years (to get out of the house and work with, and inhale, the youthful energy of 20-something kids), I can tell you that I don't believe that Apple is all that interested in advancing creative polymaths - at least from within the retail side. My observation is that it's become more about advancing Yes people (and people who've memorized Lominger phrases). I hope to be proved wrong so that Apple can continue to *deserve* the legacy that Mr. Jobs hoped to pass on.

Again, thanks for a great article. Best to you!

Daniel Klein

Gala Wilhelmina Orba

This looks like a dandylion flower. Dandy lions grow through cracks in City sidewalks. Their roots are incredibly resilient and their leaves nutritious. They pull toxins from the liver and other major organs. Their seeds spread on the wind and humans push wishes upon them. They have the resilient energy we are going to need this century. ~Gala

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