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on the back of the container or you could drink alot of milk with egg white but you plbaobry wont be arsed breaking eggs after a workout. Then in the morning after the workout the night before i have another one with a good breakfast. Breakfast is your most important meal of the day and never have your meal before a workout, have your main meal after a workout. Get some dumbbells and use them slow and deliberate, prefably heavy enough to do say 15 repititions and struggling to complete the 15th on each workout. Do some bicep curls, you can also tie a string (decent size) to the dumbbell and the other end to the centre of rod through a hole. Grab each end and winde the string up with the dumbbell on the end for a wrist curl workout to get at the forearm muscles. Look up tricep workout and dumbbell Y press for your shoulders. All this will give you big arms and shoulders if you do it right over time. If your muscles feel like jelly then you got a good workout but most important of all stretching is very important so do stretchs as much as possible for the muscle your working out and move them about afterward. Workout a different muscle group each time you go to the gym etc i.e. upper, middle and lower workout. You have to give your muscles time to repairing after you rip them (its when you rip them they grow rather than toning) and repeat each muscle workout until you cant do any more (but dont over train and damage them) You will also have to eat well like a good steak or chicken and veges or tuna sandwiches etc.

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