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Loree Meier - Travelers Haven Ferret Rescue

Dear Bill,
You give so much to the FML, editing, moderating, explaining, and it is so appreciated. Your good judgement has saved the day numbers of times. I read on a regular basis but only post seldomly, and I so value all of the work that you do for the rest of us.

Thank you muchly for all you do for the ferret community!

Ferret Troll (aka Liz)

Dear Mr. BIG

So many lives you touched, how marvelous that must be. To help a community remain alive & healthy (both in skin & fur) = That Is An Amazing Accomplishment!!

I’m sorry I didn’t find out about the FML until recent years. I’m sure I’ve missed a great deal, but because of your dedication, our community has a marvelous Archive of posts to go back to. From what I’ve seen, We the “Ferret Community” owe you more than We will ever be able to compensate in any way. The years you’ve put your talents to so many events & organizations is beyond any expression of love on your part & gratitude on ours. A mere “Thank You” is a understatement. To think that you’ve done this for 25 years is unfathomable. To read, edit & make available, every post is unconceivable. I only have one question, How? What is your secret, how do you read about misinformation, temper disagreements, without ruffling anyone’s fur & yet remain rationale. With all the Ferrents, you & the Bridge Greeters have helped with the passing of their Fuzzie kids. In spite of all the extreme sadness, disputes, & ignorance. How do you endure to carry on with unflinching patience.

Your Love shines through all you do for us & most importantly for all the Ferrets out there. We, The Ferret Community stand pretty & salute you for all the contributions you’ve made for all of us.

I only wish I had known that there was such a wonderful community almost 20 years ago. To think of the mistakes I, alone, wouldn’t have made. When ever I talk “Ferret” with people, the FML is one place I point them to, to learn & share as well.

With Extreme Regard & Respect to you,

& all my Angels = Past & Present

Stand Pretty & Salute You, for being You!

from an FFZ member


Thank you for your work on the FML. You have made so many rescues possible, you are incredibly awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Donna M. Weiss

BIG !!! Thanks soooo very much for being a bright and shining star in my life. Every day. Thanks for all you do and for your generous giving thru the years. How many of us ferrents wouldn't know we are "normal" if not for you?

Love, Donna Henderson, Kentucky

daoine o'

thank you BIG for your ceaseless efforts at keeping the FML going all these years, like clockwork. you've been there for us all thru thick and thin, good and bad, laughter and tears.

i've been on the FML since 1996 and it has proved such an invaluable resource over the years. there's just nothing else like it in the world, ferret-related or otherwise. we've got it so good!

very best wishes to you...for all you do! :)

daoine o', aka the ferret queen
and all the weezils, earthbound or over the bridge...

Bobbi McC

I don't know what took me so long to find you but I am very glad that I did. When I began sheltering in 1992 I had so much to learn and the FML became a beacon. Thanks so much for being there.

Alicia Drakiotes

Dear Bill,
I would like to thank you for your dedication in keeping the FML the heartbeat of so many owners, rescues and ferret professionals. How many lives ( both two legged and four) have been enriched and improved with this great communication tool. As a ferret owner and rescue person it has made critical differences in the operation of my rescue and care for my charges. It also has kept me from feeling isolation during long long days. I understand it did not always come easy - getting the "List" out day after day, no matter the weather, or life event. However your selfless dedication has made the FML a heartbeat in the "ferret" community. A very heartfelt "Thank you" I send for making such a big difference in our part of the world.
Alicia Drakiotes and FerretWise.

Bernadette Keith

Thank you for the FML. I read it each and every day!

Beth Titus

Thanks for the FML delivered every morning. Reading it is the perfect way to start my day. I 've learned so much and am a better ferret owner because of the information members of the FML share. Ferrets are awesome and so are you!

Sheila Crompton

Thanks Bill, I've not posted for several years now but I'm still around.
I can't remember when I started subscribing to the FML but it must have been the mid '90s.
All the best

Sheila - Bolton Ferret Welfare

Roberta Ensor

Thank you to Bill and the FML. You were there for me when we got our first three ferrets from at a local wildlife rescue. We went home with two and it bothered us all night that we left one back at the rescue in an outdoor cage in November. The next day we went back for the third little one. Two weeks later I was asking questions on the FML about hair loss (adrenal). The FML led us to Fryeburg Vet Clinic and Dr Caffrey a distant relative. 16 ferrets and 14 years later I still read the FML daily even though we no longer have ferrets. Thanks for being there for the ferret community around the world.

Eleanor M

Happy anniversary ♥


When we got our first ferret, little Weezie, there was almost nothing out there in the way of ferret information. Imagine my astonishment when I saw her war dance for the first time; I thought it was a rabid fit! And then the FML appeared! Just in time to help us care for our new little girl! What a magnificent resource it has turned out to be. The stories, the sense of community... I no longer feel so alone. Thank you so much, Bill.

Laurie Schubert

Add my thanks to the bunch, Bill....I've been 'owned by ferrets' for around 28 years now. How I wish this would have been available back then! Everything back then was done by 'trial & error', as there was no such thing as ferret food, ferret toys, or for that matter, even ferret cages! Then I finally discovered the FML -- what a wonderful information source and way to communicate with other ferret lovers from around the country! Thanks so very much for all you do to help the ferret community!

Mary DeCoff

Bill, thank you so much for all you do. The FML has provided so much information and support for so many of us, as I know you are aware. You might not be aware of how much you are appreciated, however. We have learned so much on this forum in the 15 or so years we have been on this list. ( I no longer feed Alley Cat ;-) ) and I am so grateful for the people have met and learned from. Thank you again.

Jan - Wixom Weezels

Thank you Bill for everything you do for all of us. Without you there would be no FML and without the FML I'd be lost. If I ever have a problem or question the first place I go to is the FML. Without all of you I'd panic at least twice a month and bother my Vet at least once a week. LOL Thank you all, but, especially you Bill.

Nancy White

I don't belong to your community Bill, but as a long time online facilitator and champion of the practice, I salute you!

Peg Francisco

BIG, when I found the FML in 1997 I was a brand new ferret owner and oh so clueless! Your work and dedication to making sure we get the FML every single day has literally saved my ferrets' lives.

Through this forum I've made friends with folks all over the country who have reached out to help in so many ways.

Close your eyes and listen carefully... there it is; the pat pat pat of ferret paws, growing into a thunderous applause of all ferrets, at the Rainbow Bridge and on Earth, and now their hoomin slaves joining in, to show our gratitude and appreciation.

Marsha Crowell

Bill, you are a wonderful person in so many ways.
You've helped Jerry and I on the personal side, as well as on the FML. I have so enjoyed working with you and Helen at all the IFC events, so how does one say Thank You for all you do? Simple words just don't seem enough, but Thank You.

Lara Tyminski

I can remember, many years ago, sitting in tears reading a story someone posted about their ferrets. I can remember this as I don't cry in front of people and was at my parent's house at the time, blubbering away.

From tears, to joy; information and argument, I still follow the FML.

The number of posts have dropped as the Internet has grown and other social media may make communication more expedient, but Bill plugs on.

Thank you BIG, for all your years of work!

Amy Seyler

Thanks so much for your dedication to us and our furry little companions, Bill! It's hard to believe I subscribed to this list in 1994 and I'm still here! I have raised two children and numerous beasties during all this time. The FML has been there when I've needed to vent, or needed information, or just needed a laugh. Thank you again for all you do for us and the ferrets!

Lori Enblom

Everyone here has said everything that I would've like to say. This group has been an enormous help when my little ones were sick and it comforted me when then were leaving. Thanks seems like not enough.

Sara Munz

The FML was one of the first things I discovered when I got into ferrets and started looking for information on the Web (way back in 1997). I have laughed, cried, learned a lot and gotten frustrated - so it must be love.

When my ex-husband and I started a shelter (FURRY in St. Louis) the resources on this list helped make it happen.

I thank you and my ferrets thank you.

Sara & Stella, Ciara and Biscuit
and the ones waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

marylou mathews

You really rock!! Thank you for all the the time you have given the FML readers over the 25 years. When I stumbled upon the FML some 24 years ago I was elated. Instantly I subscribed to the list, reading daily while gaining tremendous amounts of information about ferrets from knowledgeable ferret folk... My ferrets thank you.

Marylou M
Southwest Harbor, ME

Paul E. Jamison

Two ferrets - Constable Murphy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ferret Division, resplendent in his red serge uniform and campaign hat, and Rabbi Sammy in his black yarmulke with the red trim and his prayer shawl - step forward and Murphy speaks.

"Bill, my friend here and I wanted to tell yo something." He turns to Sammy. "Rabsm if you please"?

Sammy gives his old friend the Jewish Ferret Stink-Eye - it is formidable indeed - and shakes his head. "Rabs... Mr. Gruber, for so long you have helped to make the Ferret Mailing List a terrific resource for all things ferrety and a gathering spot for ferret lovers and owners -"


"Good point, Murph. - for ferret lovers and slaves."

"It hasn't been easy, has it? Some of the arguments have gotten quite heated."

"But these things have passed. All things must pass."

"Except for the FML! 25 years is quite an accomplishment."

"So, from Paul, my family and me, the comedian in red here, Max, and allll the Skippys, we wish much congratulations to the Ferret Mailing List -"

" - And may it stay around for 25 more years!"

June Phipps

Dear Bill,

Thank you Bill for your years of dedication linking ferret people all around the world.

Kathy of Sammy's Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue and Education

Thank you Bill for this all important list. The FHL is the "go to" of ferret help.
We hope to see you in many more anniversaries.
Happy Silver!

Roary Williams

You are the man, Bill. I have been subscribed to this list for a long time now, and though I don't post much anymore, I consider the FML my lifeline for all things ferret. Your dedication is appreciated more than anyone here can possible say. Keep up the good work.

Melissa Bell

Bill, thank you so much for your years of dedication and service in providing a home, moderator, and general go-fer. Without you the FML wouldn't have made it so long. Thank you!


Hi Bill

Thank you for all those years of work you did for the FML, thus making it possible to celebrate the 25th birthday of the FML now.
I've had ferrets since 2000 and most of that time I've been on the FML, I wouldn't want to miss it !

Nanny from Holland.

Julianne Gentile

Thanks for all you do! This was the first place I went after getting my first ferret years ago and I'm so thankful for the guidance and friendships I received from my membership. Happy Anniversary, Bill!

Lynda Reid

Bill, Happy Anniversary to the FML! Of course, it is also an anniversary for you,too, for without you, there would be no Ferret Mailing List. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the list, bring us so much information and the occasional laugh, not to mention tears. I honestly don't know what I would do without the list. Thank you again.

Julie Brown / Woozle31

I can't thank you enough...
For the vital information, for the sadness & the silliness, for so many opportunities to help, and especially for all the new friends.
Thanks BIG.

Patti Riggert

Hi Bill:

I'm pretty much a lurker and have only posted a few times on the FML since I got my first ferret about 20 years ago. Since then I have learned so much from so many people and it's all because you keep everything in order. I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the FML and the ferret community at large. You are an inspiration to all of us and I hope you know just how much you are appreciated!

Thank you soooooo much!

PS: It really is ok to take a day or two off now and then. We would understand.

Debi Breitenbauch

Hey Bill,
A big Thank You for all the years you have let us be sassy, funny, and even lurk behind the scenes learning about ferrets, helping the ferrets and each other. And the bridge greeters. they have helped me and so many other people grieve and come
to terms with our loss. And yet still be able to open our hearts to another sweetheart that needs rescue and love.


Everyday the FML is like a new birthday and Christmas present. Thank you for keeping the FML arriving every day. Many a ferret has passed my way and received better care because of the FML

Thank you!


The Mayans may have predicted the end of the world, but ferrets know it will really be theirs in the end! Thanks from all of us fuzzie lovers for what you do.

Melanee Ellis

What can I say? You have taken a group of people who like ferrets, are crazy like ferrets, have the attention span of a ferret, the tenacity of a ferret, can do a quick-strike (verbally) like a ferret, can be as stinky as some ferrets, and poured 'tone on everyone to try to keep us from being too mean to each other.

Thank you for being there to help out all of us who have needed help and support in the past. You're a rock Bill and we love you!

Live long and prosper and may the force be with you.

Ardith Raine

Just a simple Thank You for keeping the FML alive and well all these years.
Many, many wee little ones say Thank You too.

Mary Mewton

Thank you Bill for always being there. The FML has been my "morning paper" for many years. The information put forth in the FML helped to make me a better ferret mommy. May you be blessed for your endless commitment to the ferret community.

Mustang Charlie  (MC)

How do you like these apples?!! The 25th ani is coming on the 21 and the world is gonna end then as well....Heck of a way to bad we won't be around to see the fireworks! (Or will we? has been a pleasure over the years..THANK YOU!!

MC, The Rude One
And all the Brat Pack, all departed, but never forgotten.

Cathy Strobach

Thank you so much for a neutral forum where we can share our thoughts, gather information, ask for and give ferrety advice, make new friends who share this passion, have a few laughs, and share our heartaches. Your hard work never goes un-noticed, Bill. You have helped so many fuzzies out there, as well as the moms & dads who care for them. Congrats on this very important anniversary. A ferretone toast to you!!! May God bless you richly!

Love, Zoo

Pat Shaskin

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and kindness. God bless you for all you do for ferrets.

Dee Gage

Bill, I would like to add my thanks and appreciation for the dedication you have demonstrated moderating the FML over the years. You have truly maintained an environment for ferret owners to learn and network. The FML is the best resource for ferret owners and it's thanks to you for keeping it all together so well. Bless you, Bill, for all you do.


25 years in internet age is like a thousand in people age! Congrats on keeping it going!

Ann Hehl

I found the FML back in 1995 or 96 after I got my first ferret. I was totally unprepared for what it took to have a ferret and finding the FML helped me so very much. Thank you, Bill, for your time and energy in providing a place for ferret humans to share and learn. I have also enjoyed getting to know and work with you, and Helen, on the IFC. Thanks again for all you do for all of us who read the FML.

Stephenie Baas

Thank you Bill, from the ferret people in Holland, thanks to the FML we have been able to learn so much more about looking after our ferrets needs and their health. You have made the big world small which has given help many ferrets around the world.

Renee Downs

Without the FML how different my life would have been. Who knew when I first discovered the list in the late 1990s - that was the end of the last century! - that it would be so life-altering? As I was reading through the comments I realized that the people whose names appear there have become my friends. Through the FML I have met so many people who are so important to me. We have laughed together and we have cried. We have welcomed new people into the group and we have mourned the loss of others. We have shared knowledge and lessons learned. We sometimes fight and disagree. But, when we need each other, we are there for each other. We have become a FaMiLy. For sharing your gifts, your time, your efforts with us, thank you, Bill. For being able to call you my friend, I am honored. You are a treasure and I thank you for opening your heart and home. Bill and Helen, I love you. Here's to another 25+ years!

Lisa O.

The FML is 25 years old today!!! Hooray!

Thank you, Bill Gruber, for your many, many years of service to the ferret community by providing us with the daily FML, without which:

We might never have gotten to know one another – especially from one coast to another…….

We might not know the name of one, Sukie, who also helps us tirelessly as well….

We might never know of a group of ferrets in desperate need five states away…..

We might never know (or know too late) about a large rescue or shelter in dire need – and we might NEVER have pulled off the McKay 600……

We might not be able to disseminate the information to the ferret community to help aid in large rescues or disasters…

We might never know of a existing (or newly formed) ferret organization designed to help ferrets/owners in need or to educate…………..

We might never find out about a fabulous new ferret product, designed to save us time and money…..

We might never know about new and wonderful ferret toys for our kids……

Or a skillful veterinarian for us go to go……..
Or new treatment or pharmaceutical information to help our sick kids….

We might never know of the launch of a fundraiser for a good cause….

We might not know of The Giving Tree and shelter ferrets might not have a visit from Santa on Christmas….

We might not know of the Black Footed Ferret breeding/re-introduction program at Prairie Wildlife Research….

We might not hear of food or treat recalls…..

The FML…..a venue where the moderator is fair, never allowing any of us to blindly bushwhack a fellow FMLer…..

A man who puts up, sometimes, with incessant bickering, finger pointing and enraged accusations and still finds a way to forgive us and let us keep posting….

And about a thousand other things too. At one point or another, we have all been helped by the FML.

The point is, we know all of these things because the FML helps us keep in touch. Without it, I wouldn’t know ¾ of the ferret people I know now – thousands of miles from me, but just an email away if I need them ( and vice-versa). This bond serves us and the ferrets well, and I thank you, Bill, for your tireless support of this sometimes crazy crowd, the ferret community. What a long, strange trip it’s been!

Bill Gruber, you are our “Ambassador of Kwan”……

Lisa O.
Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach shelter
F.E.R.R.E.T. (


Thank you, Bill, for your tireless efforts in getting the FML out _every_ day! You have an unfailingly gentle hand when moderating; I truly admire your ability to let people have their say, yet step in when needed, and to make sure that things are discussed even-handedly. Not an easy job, with this group! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!

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