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May 28, 2012


"The CitiBike share program is designed–and, so, priced–with short trips in mind. We won't go into all the details here, but, basically, you pay a membership fee ($95 a year; or $25 a week if you want to check it out), then get to use any CitiBike for free for up to 45 (if you're annual member) minutes (weekly and daily members get 30 minutes for free). So for errands, commutes, and your basic daily, getting-around-town transportation, you're set. Use your CitiBike for longer than 45 minutes without docking (and waiting "for a couple of minutes" before you can take out another for free) however, and the price adds up in a hurry: a four-hour ride, for example, will set you back $54, and that's if you're an annual member! Still, for the vast majority of your bike transportation needs or desires, CitiBike seems like it'll be cheap and convenient. In fact, even if you already own a bike, CitiBike might be a good deal! Just use CitiBike for quick trips or your commute, and your personal bike for when you really want to go for a ride."

My concern would be contending with weather, traffic, and potholes, and my experience with NYC is that nothing gets fixed until a thousand or thousands of people scream. So after a few months when all the bicycles are sitting in the racks with flat tires, bent rims and frames, and missing parts, will the people scream or not? If not, then another great idea will go the way of all the other great ideas.

But everyone knows bikes lanes are part of UN conspiracy...


For what it's worth I find biking to be much better in parts of the city than it was even two years ago. Much remains to be done - there are some bike riders who clearly don't obey the rules...

Cities have have differing amounts of luck with this sort of program - Paris suffers from large mounts of vandalism that is much greater than the London for example...

For me a huge win is not needed to worry about where to park the bike - assuming the stations are dense enough.

Jesus probably drives a F-350 with the crew cab, dual tires, extended tanks and a Cummings diesel

Not to mention the gun rack

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